Eating Out: Healthy Fast Food

Is there such thing as healthy fast food?  Can I maintain a healthy diet and beach-ready body while still eating McDonald’s every once in a while?

Everything is relative but, for the most part, the answer to both is “yes.” Below are The_Golden_Arches_(2495820931)3 relatively healthy items from menus of the most popular fast food restaurants.  In fact, to prove that it is still possible to eat a healthy diet amidst a toxic food environment, I myself at McDonald’s every day for two months.  I lost 1 lb and 0.5% body fat.  How?  By sticking to the items listed below!


Restaurant Item   Cal Tot Fat (g) Sat Fat (g) Protein (g) Carbs (g)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no mayo) 300 3.5 1 27 41
Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap 250 8 3.5 16 27
Side Salad, Low Fat Dressing 70 2.5 0.5 2 11
Cal Tot Fat Sat Fat Protein Carbs
Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no mayo) 320 4 1 32 39
Chili (Large) 310 9 3.5 26 31
Caesar Side Salad (no croutons, fat-free dressing instead of Caesar) 110 3.5 2.5 4 17
Cal Tot Fat Sat Fat Protein Carbs
Burger King
TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich 360 6 1.5 36 39
Breakfast Muffin Sandwich: Ham, Egg and Cheese 250 9 4 18 23
Whopper Jr. (no mayo) 260 9 4 14 32

More healthy fast food restaurant menu items to come!